Mets’ Marcus Stroman says he’s added some Jacob deGrom-inspired tweaks to his delivery.

Marcus Stoman

Marcus Stoman is arsenal of pitches is already among the best of any pitcher in baseball, but it turns out that the Long Island native has added some tweaks to his delivery, inspired by none other than two-time Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom.

“I’m excited to be around him. I literally go out and just watch his bullpens like a little kid,” Stroman said. “I sit right behind him in his bullpens. He lets me sit there, chill, ask him questions. He’s the man, bro. He’s so lowkey, but he’s the man and he’s always open to helping and always just wants you to be your best as well.

But even Stroman knows that as hard as he or anybody else can try, there’s no one out there who can exactly replicate what deGrom does every time he takes the rubber. And that has a lot to do with what Stroman calls the game’s greatest delivery.

“DeGrom’s got the best mechanics, I tell anybody, and a lot of it’s his body, how much of an athlete he is. A lot of it is also physical and what he was born with,” Stroman said. “I think deGrom has the best hip disassociation out of any pitcher or anybody in the league, and you can’t replicate.

This is why you can’t say ‘Oh, go have deGrom’s mechanics.’ Nobody can have that. His hip disassociation, his ability to open up his hips on his stride length and keep his top half still loaded back is fing incredible. You can’t teach that.”

DeGrom’s numbers over the course of the last three seasons are just downright silly. In his 76 starts, the Mets’ ace has pitched to a 2.10 ERA and 0.943 WHIP, striking out 11.6 batters per nine innings while compiling a 20.0 pitching WAR.

DeGrom is unbelievable. As long as he stays healthy for 30 starts, deGrom’s gonna win [the Cy Young Award]. DeGrom’s the best pitcher in baseball, bro.

I thought this before being around him. After being around him, it just kind of puts it in stone, man. That guy is one of the most elite pitchers that we will ever speak about UFA.

“I can’t wait to be around him for a full year. I think I’m going to learn so much from him. Plus, my body, my mind’s at the best place it’s been in my career… I actually believe my best years are ahead of me. So, I’m just excited, man.”

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