Simeone’s press on the media about changing Felix.

 João Félix

Diego Simeone, the Atletico Madrid trainer, has responded to the media that favored Chi asked about a substitute that João Félix off the pitch UFABET.

Mara just opened home to defeat Valencia 3-1 in the La Liga battle on Sunday past. Causing them to return to the second-ranked Real Madrid team, 7 points as before, and still play less than 1 game.

However, despite the win, the media watched a replacement for Felix left the field in the 62nd minute.

which Simeone countered in a slash.

“There is no rule written here: footballers have to go on the pitch 90 minutes per game.

We wouldn’t have a team with around 20 players, scoring goals, he gives assists, he gets removed Gore. Rea went down for him, he scored too. And almost scored the second goal There is a good competition between them. And the team is the winner”

El Cholo also described the red-label striker Moussa Dembele’s failure to enter the field in the past match.

“Moussa Dembélé was not on the pitch today because I felt it was not the time to send him down, he was training well.

He will have a chance soon and Suarez is having a really good game. So there’s no reason to get him out.”

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