The Ravens made a long-term plan against Jackson despite a weak game of pitching.

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbord has made it clear he wants to work long-term with Lamar Jackson, although the 24-year-old quarterback still has a weakness in his pitching. UFABET

Baltimore Ravens

who they want to be in the Quarterback franchise for years to come. The Ravens have built their identity with the unparalleled talent quarterback Jackson.

who they want to be in the Quarterback franchise for years to come.

‘Of course we want Lamar to sign a long-term contract and be with us,’ said Harboh. ‘I am completely confident that this will happen. When it happened That’s the details’

It wouldn’t have been smart if it hadn’t extended his contract with Jackson as MVP NFL season 2019, which helped propel the Ravens to reach the playoffs. 

Alongside the strength in strolling the game on the ground But the 24-year-old quarterback actually has a pitching shortcoming that should be fixed.

‘I won’t be asking anyone to be here,’ Harboh said of the matter. ‘If you all know about statistics and numbers and follow your statistics line and the number of balls you receive. There are many teams you can play for and we look forward to playing with you.

‘We’re not going to be as complicated as Pittsburgh throwing 40 balls per game,’ Harborough said of the team’s approach. ‘That’s the reason’

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